BIO - Marthe van de Grift

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Marthe van de Grift (1990) lives and works in Groningen (NL)

I do not understand why champagne is always chilled and why on the other hand telephones, which are habitually so frightfully warm and disagreeably sticky to the touch, are not also put in silver buckets with crushed ice around them.”  - Salvador Dalí

Too often in my life I was told that I didn't understand 'it', while I was thinking of all other possible meanings of “it”. What a relieve to discover there's a world called ‘art’ which consists only of possibilities.

I have difficulties with the apparent unambiguousness of everyday life. The fact that certain things seem so logical to us just because we don't think about them anymore and our understanding of them is based either on previously made agreements or on what everyone else calls “normal”. I feel the need to point out to everyone how our way of thinking and perceiving is standardised, even if it's only just to be able to say: 'I told you so'.

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